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Pool Pump Repairs

At Rewinding TTS we specialize in electric motor repair for both residential and commercial clientèle.

Merging customer service with real hands on experience and know how, we provide the best service to our clients and can have your motor repairs in a hurry.

Rewinding TTS is an active member in Johannesburg and as such, we receive a constant flow of engineering and rewinding jobs and we have a full time engineering staff available for consultation on any special need.

Our experienced staff has seen nearly every type of rewind, mechanical repair, or service situation imaginable.

All re-manufactured or re-conditioned motors and pumps will be warranted for 3 months from date of invoice for the repairs performed providing that there has been no misuse, abuse or reason other than normal usage to cause the failure. Exception- septic motors. All new motors, pumps, equipment, or parts are limited to the manufacturer’s warranty.